Polished: Shimmer Purple

Hello Nail Art Lovers!

Purple is my favorite color next to Pink. I bought this polish from The Face Shop years ago which I often wear. I wore this nail polish a couple of times because of the shimmer-y finish it produces. ^_^

Sorry for the blurry photos, I’m only using Olympus Camera.

The Face Shop - PP409

The Face Shop – PP409

The Face Shop - PP409The Face Shop - PP409



Polished: Lime Green Nail Polish


The Face Shop – GR502

Hello Nail Art Lovers!

I love doing nail art but that doesn’t mean I have a huge collection of Nail Polishes. Who knows, my collection might be less than half as yours. Though I only have a few, this didn’t stopped me from creating beautiful nail art design and sharing it to the world. I just need to eat chocolate and expand my creativity. ^_^. Titled polished posts are my nail polishes which I’m about to share. Some are old school, but like what they say; ‘better late than never’. These are my precious polishes, doesn’t matter if I only have a few, as long as I can still use it, I will.

The first nail polish color is Lime Green from the The Face Shop. This version has big brushes than the normal one so I quite find it hard to apply it on my small nails


The Face Shop – Lime Green GR502



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Pinterest Picks – I

Hello Nail Art Lovers.

Recently, I’ve been hooked up on Pinterest site. So many life inspirations. People post anything under the sun! So I got an idea that I would share here 5 things that got me inspired in a day and post it as often as possible. I would only pick a few so just go to my account for more pinterest pictures.

Popular brand producing caviar beads. Caviar nail is a trend nowadays made more famous by Michelle Phan.

so pretty perfect stripes in purple!.. love the beautiful nail art.

this is my dream hairstyle. I got a perm on my hair last year and I’m gonna redo it again tomorrow. I wish I could ask the salon pro to get me a hair like this.

Lorane-23 Suede Cut-Out Peep Toe Pump. I would love to wear this on a date. ^_^

Aside from the model’s body. it’s about the outfit. the lace shirt is A-mazing!








Daily Nails ~ Silver Glitters

silver glitter nail art

Hello guys!

Woah, never thought that I could actually learn something from a photo sharing site. I joined Pinterest last week (my account:). It’s a beautiful informative website where you can learn almost anything. From hair to makeups, DIY ideas to products, fashion to cute homes. The best part are the graphics and awesome HD shots of different things with quotes. If you’re looking for something inspirational, Pinterest is definitely for you. As I browsed through the pages on nails, the most abused style of nail art is accent nails with glitters. I used glitter nail polish a lot and here’s one of my daily nail design. silver glitters.

silver glitter nail artsilver glitter nail artsilver glitter nail artsilver glitter nail artXOXO

“Let’s have Ice-Cream” Nail Art Tutorial

i love ice-cream!.. and i’m eating a lot since it’s summer. here’s a simple nail art tutorial for you!



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2NE1 Minzy’s White striped Nails Inspired Tutorial

hello everyone especially to 2ne1 fans! i made another nail art tutorial, this time it’s from minzy!. she wore this style during one of their performances. hope you all like it! The design is not exactly on minzy’s nails. I did my best to make a tutorial almost the same on hers. ^_^

credits: dc2ne1gallery



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“Party Navy Blue Nails” Tutorial

A Very Simple design with a touch of elegance ^_^

First of all, I would like to say thank you to all of my subscribers especially those who were there from the moment I uploaded my first video tutorial. I greatly appreciate it and it means a lot!^^

I had been busy for the past months so I wasn’t able to update my channel. I just graduated in college last week and now I’m in the middle of looking for a job. Hopefully, I’d still be able to upload nail art videos when i got the job I want.


Party Nave Blue Nailsclick for more pictures and download:

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