Daily Nails ~ Red and Black Stripes

hello guys!

it’s really been a while since i was able to blog daily nails. (i admit, i’m quite lazy^_^). I still have tons of nail art photos to show. Hopefully i’ll be able to post them here before the year ends. (including 1 fashion post). Christmas is near, and though i’m extremely busy, i will do my best to upload new video^_^. There’s actually 2 pending videos, unedited. OK, so this nail art was worn on the week of halloween. It’s as usual, simple and easy to make. This is inspired by Iliana aka linda165. Months ago I shared to you a nail art I did that was inspired by Dolly, well that design is also inpired by Iliana, one of the great nail art gurus on youtube who makes simple/elegant nail art.  Go check out their youtube channels^_^

Dolly’s Youtube Channel

Iliana’s Youtube Channel


See her video here:

credits: linda165


here’s my Version^_^

Red ang black Stripes


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