Hello everyone! This is a page for all your requests!. I would love to hear your own ideas on nail art that you want me to make! I’m open for comments and suggestions on my nail art tutorials also.

21 thoughts on “+Requests+

  1. hi! i’m from the philippines also and loves to do nail art. I love your videos and blog posts!:) I’m just starting to collect my tool though. Can you tell where I can buy nail art tool? Like brushes, decals. etc. thank you!

    • i live in phils. cebu and i just buy the l.a. colors at department stores in SM or AYALA. They have booths full of make-up,etc. For the dotting tool, i bought it in Country Crafts store still located in SM or AYALA..

  2. where do you order your tools from, then?
    may i know?
    i live in the Philippines too, and srsly…we`re so deprived of beautiful nail art supplies.

    also, do you design on your own nails or fake nails?
    *i found your blog like 10 minutes ago and all i`ve been doing was just looking at the designs…*

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