Polished: Lime Green Nail Polish


The Face Shop – GR502

Hello Nail Art Lovers!

I love doing nail art but that doesn’t mean I have a huge collection of Nail Polishes. Who knows, my collection might be less than half as yours. Though I only have a few, this didn’t stopped me from creating beautiful nail art design and sharing it to the world. I just need to eat chocolate and expand my creativity. ^_^. Titled polished posts are my nail polishes which I’m about to share. Some are old school, but like what they say; ‘better late than never’. These are my precious polishes, doesn’t matter if I only have a few, as long as I can still use it, I will.

The first nail polish color is Lime Green from the The Face Shop. This version has big brushes than the normal one so I quite find it hard to apply it on my small nails


The Face Shop – Lime Green GR502



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