Fruity French Manicure

Hello Nail Art Lovers!

How are you doing guys?! It’s been a while since my last upload. I feel like a whole lot of years passed by since I uploaded my latest tutorial. Jobless, yeah and that’s what keeps me from moving and making tutorials. I’m so happy right now that my nails are long. I’m excited much to shoot more nail art tutorials. Nail Art is my passion, I may not update my channel or blogs a lot but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like making nail art. There are just unavoidable circumstances I need to take which is more important than this hobby. Hopefully, if I get the job I’m applying for, I’ll be posting my travel photos. Sounds great?..yeah.. I’m currently listening to Kpop songs way back in 2009-2010 while editing my nail art vids.. Meanwhile here’s the last video I filmed last year, (it’s better late than never!) before new ones will come up.

Fruit Inspired French Manicure


nail art materials


Fruity French Manicure


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Daily Nails ~ Silver Glitters

silver glitter nail art

Hello guys!

Woah, never thought that I could actually learn something from a photo sharing site. I joined Pinterest last week (my account:). It’s a beautiful informative website where you can learn almost anything. From hair to makeups, DIY ideas to products, fashion to cute homes. The best part are the graphics and awesome HD shots of different things with quotes. If you’re looking for something inspirational, Pinterest is definitely for you. As I browsed through the pages on nails, the most abused style of nail art is accent nails with glitters. I used glitter nail polish a lot and here’s one of my daily nail design. silver glitters.

silver glitter nail artsilver glitter nail artsilver glitter nail artsilver glitter nail artXOXO

Gradient Blue and Pink Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Ladies!

A nail art fit for special occasions! It’s a perfect blue and pink match highlighted with glitters.
It’s now March and summer’s screaming! Hope everyone will be able to pick their fave nail art design for going out to the beach and just enjoying summer!

It’s really creative to have a simple design over a gradient texture, it could be curves, lines or dots. This is my own version and I hope you’ll be able to make one yourself. Nail art is easy and everyone can do it without spending too much on nail art tools. You just have to be resourceful.
Thanks to my new subbies!!


Gradient Blue and Pink Dots


Password: Sassydarlings

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