Rainbow Flowers Nail Art Tutorial

Rainbow inspired french manicure with a flower fimo. This is the first design I made using the fimo canes I got from BornPrettyStore. I’m so into fimos right now, so most of my nail art designs have fimos.

My mom had this design for 3 weeks! woah^_^ (i had this on my nails for only a week)
It felt great when she told me that all of her colleagues love it and also wanna have it on their nails. Mother’s day is almost here, so better make your mom’s nails pretty on that special day ^_^

Rainbow Flower Nail Art

Products Used

Rainbow Flower Nail Art

Rainbow Flowers Nail Art

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Red, White and Silver Nail Art [Christmas Series]

Hello there!

I’ll be making a christmas series nail art design for the coming weeks or until christmas is over.^_^. I got a lot of new ideas for christmas season and I hope i’ll be able to show it all to you amidst my busy schedule. I just got hired last week in one of the local hotels here and i had to work 9 hours a day, 6 days a week. 0_0. I really didn’t like the hotel but I got no choice, I have to have a practicum or else I won’t graduate. So yeah, i’m gonna be pretty busy for the next 4 months.

Anyways, here’s my first christmas nail art design. This video was pre recorded weeks ago before I cut my nails. (they’re short now! arrgghh!). I’ll also try to make a nail art for short nails, for the meantime enjoy this one!.. thanks a lot!



Red, White, Silver Nail Art

Red, White, Silver Nail Art

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Daily Nails ~ Pink and Blue French Manicure [Sept. 30-Oct.1, 2010]

Hello guys! How are you doing today?^_^

I’ve been growing my nails for the past weeks without wearing any kind of nail polish. I usually wear nail art/nail polish when there’s an ocassion or when my nails are already long.  My nails right now are quite long, they grew around 4 mm since i trimmed them. My sister got 6 different colors of nail polish, more like pastel colors and that’s what I use in creating a design on my nails. I chose pink and blue, one of my favorite color combinations and as usual it’s in french manicure design. I’m still attending school so as much as possible I won’t use dark colors. I don’t want the ‘teachers’ to notice it (though my friends ALWAYS does).  Here’s another simple quick nail design, you may not want to do it on your nails but I hope you like it^_^. This will only last for 2 days because I’m gonna change it tonight in preparation for our tour this Sunday!

Products Used:

Pink Nail Polish

Blue Nail Polish

L.A. Colors Art Deco – Sky Blue

L.A. Colors Art Deco – Intense Pink

L.A. Colors Art Deco – Silver Glitter


Simple French Tip Nail Art Tutorial [gold and blue]

Hello guys!! Here’s my version of a french tip if you don’t have any french tip guides. you can use a scotch tape as a substitute^__^


this was made during christmas season



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