Pinterest Picks – I

Hello Nail Art Lovers.

Recently, I’ve been hooked up on Pinterest site. So many life inspirations. People post anything under the sun! So I got an idea that I would share here 5 things that got me inspired in a day and post it as often as possible. I would only pick a few so just go to my account for more pinterest pictures.

Popular brand producing caviar beads. Caviar nail is a trend nowadays made more famous by Michelle Phan.

so pretty perfect stripes in purple!.. love the beautiful nail art.

this is my dream hairstyle. I got a perm on my hair last year and I’m gonna redo it again tomorrow. I wish I could ask the salon pro to get me a hair like this.

Lorane-23 Suede Cut-Out Peep Toe Pump. I would love to wear this on a date. ^_^

Aside from the model’s body. it’s about the outfit. the lace shirt is A-mazing!








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