Glitter Royal Blue Nails + How To: Remove Glitters

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I’ve been invited to a wedding last month with a royal blue theme. Everyone’s requested to wear something that has a touch of royal blue. I was excited since I have couple of royal blue nail polishes. I want to wear something simple and matches the bold royal blue color so I came up with a glitter gradient effect. Simplicity is beauty.

Ombre nails is a summer trend that I don’t think would die out soon. Ombre nails are created through the gradient effect which can be done in two ways.  The first one is by sponge method where you dipped the sponge in the polish of your choice and slowly dub it on top of the existing polish on your nails of different color. The second one is simply using the nail art brush, gradually minimizing the area as you put in another coat. It’s doing the half of your nails, then 1/4th of your nails.

I’ll also be teaching or encouraging you rather to utilize the foil method in taking off glitters. Nothing is harder when it comes to nail art than removing hard-to-get glitters. Removing it with a regular nail polish remover might take you forever especially if it’s acetone free.

What is an acetone?

                Acetone is a clear, harsh-smelling and highly flammable liquid. It’s a solvent, capable of disintegrating even plastic. This explains why it works so quickly breaking apart and removing your nail polish. Isopropyl alcohol is typically used in the making of acetone. – more here

Nail Polish with acetone is stronger in chemicals and easily gets off the polishes on your nails. Non-acetone is an acid free nail polish remover. It is a safer acid free alternative than acetone to remove nail polish while being gentler on the cuticle. There’s no negative effect on nails if you’re going to use pure acetone. Using non-acetone takes a lot more time than using the pure-acetone.

Personally, I only use Pure-acetone nail polish removers. I’ve tried the non-acetone one and it barely takes off the polish on my nails without doing it a few more times. Plus, it’s time consuming and wastes a lot of cottons. A pure acetone nail polish remover takes off polish easily but when it comes to glitters it loses its purpose. When I used the Foil method, I realized how hassle free it is. I’ll just have to wait around 5 mins. and the glitters are gone!


Products Used: Etude House Dear Darling Nails WH020 II The Face Shop BL607 II Etude House Wannabe Perfumed Syrup Nails-Sparkling Silver II Caronia

Glitter Royal Blue

Glitter Royal Blue


Foil Method in Removing Glitters on Your Nails

Materials: Scissors, acetone, cotton, aluminum foil

Step 1: Cut 10 pieces of square sized aluminum foil that fits your entire nails.

Step 2: Soak the cotton in acetone and place it on top of your whole nails. Ensure that all sides are covered.

Step 3: Wrap the foil around your finger with the cotton still on top of your nails. Wait for 5 mins and remove it. (tighten foil wrapped around your fingers so the glitters would stick on the cotton)

Step 4: Wash your nails, then moisturize. Acetone dries out your nails so you need to moisturize it.

                In case there are still glitters left, I just rub them off with the remover. 98% of the glitters stick to the cotton so you need to clean it again. This method is not the quickest way but surely is the easiest way!


Foil Method

sassydarlingsroyal blue nail artroyal blue nail artroyal blue nail artroyal blue nail art

royal blue nail art


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