Polished: Hotpink – The Face Shop PK105 Nail Polish

the face shop - PK105

the face shop – PK105

Hello Nail Art Lovers!

The 2nd polish I’ll present is one of my fave polishes in my collection. I love the color pink especially if it’s paired with purple. I find pink and purple the best ombre combination. This one is from The Face Shop, a holographic shimmery hotpink color. As I apply it on my nails, it shows a purple glossy with small pink-ish glitters texture.  I love how it reflects lights and shines…

the face shop - PK105the face shop - PK105the face shop - PK105my random Pinterest faves for the day!


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Pinterest Pick: VII

Hello Everyone!

Done editing a video tutorial on nail art and removing glitters! I’m gonna spam my blog for now about my pinterest picks for the day. We’re just two weeks aways before September arrives and the whole town would be covered with Christmas Decors. It would be exciting to wander around the malls and streets at night seeing the beautiful christmas lights and listening to christmas songs.. oops, been talking a lot about christmas, sorry! Fall and winter fashion are slowly emerging on pinterest which only means Christmas Season is almost here. Meanwhile, enjoy my pinterest pics for today! (and the kimchi I cooked)

Kimchi fried rice with egg I cooked for dinner tonight!

My dream nail art collection

I LOVE the COLOR!!  I wonder when I’d be able to sport this kind of hairstyle.. this is my dream haircolor!

getting ready for fall fashion

I want my hair to curl like this ^_^

I really need this right now. A quote for my dream

…forever and always…


have a nice day!











Pinterest Picks V

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while. It felt like the whole  week passed in a snap of a finger! I’ve been gone everyday the whole day not because I’m busy but because I was in the hospital for days looking after my older sister. She’s fine now. I missed surfing around the web looking for inspirations and something to cheer me up. Because of natural disasters I wasn’t able to make my appointments which made me upset. Anyways, it’s Friday! That means weekend is here again! Gotta do another nail art on my nails which I’ll show to guys later. Meanwhile, here’s a few of the awesome photos I find in Pinterest today.

The prettiest ring for today.  Reminds me of Games of Thrones series.

I wanna dye my hair like this. Lilac.

pretty colors!

The earrings rock the ring. It’s perfect for pastel colored fashion.


Random Makeup i liked! Sparkly smokey look!

Something to encourage everyone!  ^__^ Funny how I liked this pic on pinterest and at the same time listening to Jessie J’s “Who you Are” Perfect pinspiration ^_^






Jessie J – Who you are

Pinterest Picks: IV

Hello Everyone!

Not that much activity today, just went out to the bank earlier. We’re midway until the weeks over and shooting a bunch of new tutorials popped up in mind. I have all the nail art tools, accessories and polishes I need except for the remover so I asked my sister to buy it for me. Currently I’m in love with glitters and for days it gave me hard time taking it off on my nails. I know every nail art lover knows that the technique to get it off is through the foil method but still I’m gonna make my own version and share it too you guys.

Bought a slurpee and 2 pasta in 7/11 before heading home. So searching for food got me inspired on pinterest but unexpectedly tumbled on models. So here are a few photos I loved on Pinterest today:

The rocks made the model more sophisticated. Love it

Glitter belt and a see-through gown. great for brides ^_^

Speechles: the dress is too beautiful

I just love how the plastic forks illuminated the model.. simply gorgeous!

Bright Yellow Lip Color is fantastic.. the hairdo and that one long eyeliner.. stunning!

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Pinterest Picks: III

Hello Everyone!

Extremely sleepy for today because of the typhoon coming out in my place which resulted in a windy weather.. hmmm, cold nights perfect for hugging beloved someone. ^_^. Ok, so I woke up today by my dog’s crazy bark. She’s Polly, female, half poodle and half Japanese Spitz. She hates it everytime a kid goes into her house, Polly is our little baby (we treat her like one) and she hates visitors as small as her…. so much spazz about Polly, let’s get back to pinterest… my five random faves for this day ^_^

Colored Ice Baskets. Aren’t they pretty? makes me wanna drink everyday. lols

Basket S’mores. nI love chocolates and marshmallows so much!! perfect for girl bonding at home watching movies…

uhuh. a reflection of myslef. I admit, i’m always almost late especially in going to work.. lols.. this should be my watch soon

The mostn creative decorative lights i’ve seen. This is perfect forn disney themed christmas. ^_^ lovely!

DO it like a Pro. Follow these steps on doing home made manicure.



Pinterest Picks: II

Hello There!

Learned a lot of awesome ideas on pinterst today. Here’s a few of my favorite pinterest posts!

The Do-It-Your-Own Beaded Slippers. My XOXO high heeled flip flops has been hurting me so much that I searched on pinterest tips to avoid my feet getting bruises on the strap area.. This tutorial is the perfect way to cover up those boring straps..lols

I love her curly hair especially the big braids.

Face bejeweled!! I always dreamt of having this kind of make-up. Colorful swarovski crystals on my face is sooo awesome!  CL of 2NE1 also sported this look on their MV “Try to follow me”

Rose cupcakes. Makes me fall in love. Yum!

Marshmallows and Chocolates?.. What could i ask for?!..

I now it’s a trend for a couple of months in fashion industry but this didn’t arrived in my place yet. I’m excited to make my own version.

that’s all folks! Be inspired, stay inspired.


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Pinterest Picks – I

Hello Nail Art Lovers.

Recently, I’ve been hooked up on Pinterest site. So many life inspirations. People post anything under the sun! So I got an idea that I would share here 5 things that got me inspired in a day and post it as often as possible. I would only pick a few so just go to my account for more pinterest pictures.

Popular brand producing caviar beads. Caviar nail is a trend nowadays made more famous by Michelle Phan.

so pretty perfect stripes in purple!.. love the beautiful nail art.

this is my dream hairstyle. I got a perm on my hair last year and I’m gonna redo it again tomorrow. I wish I could ask the salon pro to get me a hair like this.

Lorane-23 Suede Cut-Out Peep Toe Pump. I would love to wear this on a date. ^_^

Aside from the model’s body. it’s about the outfit. the lace shirt is A-mazing!