Pinterest Picks: II

Hello There!

Learned a lot of awesome ideas on pinterst today. Here’s a few of my favorite pinterest posts!

The Do-It-Your-Own Beaded Slippers. My XOXO high heeled flip flops has been hurting me so much that I searched on pinterest tips to avoid my feet getting bruises on the strap area.. This tutorial is the perfect way to cover up those boring straps..lols

I love her curly hair especially the big braids.

Face bejeweled!! I always dreamt of having this kind of make-up. Colorful swarovski crystals on my face is sooo awesome!  CL of 2NE1 also sported this look on their MV “Try to follow me”

Rose cupcakes. Makes me fall in love. Yum!

Marshmallows and Chocolates?.. What could i ask for?!..

I now it’s a trend for a couple of months in fashion industry but this didn’t arrived in my place yet. I’m excited to make my own version.

that’s all folks! Be inspired, stay inspired.


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