Pinterest Picks: III

Hello Everyone!

Extremely sleepy for today because of the typhoon coming out in my place which resulted in a windy weather.. hmmm, cold nights perfect for hugging beloved someone. ^_^. Ok, so I woke up today by my dog’s crazy bark. She’s Polly, female, half poodle and half Japanese Spitz. She hates it everytime a kid goes into her house, Polly is our little baby (we treat her like one) and she hates visitors as small as her…. so much spazz about Polly, let’s get back to pinterest… my five random faves for this day ^_^

Colored Ice Baskets. Aren’t they pretty? makes me wanna drink everyday. lols

Basket S’mores. nI love chocolates and marshmallows so much!! perfect for girl bonding at home watching movies…

uhuh. a reflection of myslef. I admit, i’m always almost late especially in going to work.. lols.. this should be my watch soon

The mostn creative decorative lights i’ve seen. This is perfect forn disney themed christmas. ^_^ lovely!

DO it like a Pro. Follow these steps on doing home made manicure.



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