Wonder Girls’ Lim Nails

wonder girls' lim nail art

Hello Nail Art Lovers and Wonderfuls!

Wonder Girls is my all time favorite kpop female idols. I know all of their songs except that I can’t sing it properly. I know how to read Korean but I still need more development in that area. Anyways, I found this cute french manicure on Lim’s twitter and thought of sharing it to you guys. ^_^

wonder girls' lim nail artwonder girls' lim nail artwonder girls' lim nail artwonder girls' lim nail artwonder girls' lim nail artwonder girls' lim nail artwonder girls' lim nail artXOXO

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Afterschool – Blue Nail Art Inspired Tutorial

How’s everyone?!
Yeah, I’ve been busy with my new work so I wasn’t able to upload for the past weeks. Btw, this design was made before I started my job and I still got 6 videos left before shooting a new one which would probably be someone else’s handsbecause my fingernails are way too short! I’d like to make nail art design on longer nails^_^

I’m a kpop lover in fact, I have a blog about Kpop that wasn’t updated as much as this blog. One of my fave girl idol group is Afterschool, I love their music and their sexy hot charm onstage every time they perform. Afterschool divided into 2 sub-units which is called Afterschool-blue and Afterschool-Red. Afterschool-blue portrays a cute girl image while Afterschool-red portrays a sexy hote girl image. Afterschool Blue’s concept is innocent¬† and simple look for summer feel. Luckily, I have a nail art tutorial both in blue and red colors so I’m gonna make it as my Afterschool inspiration nail art designs.¬†

Afterschool Blue

Afterschool Blue: L-R: Raina, Jooyeon, Lizzy, E-Young


Afterschool Blue

Afterschool Blue - L-R: E-Young, Lizzy, Raina, Jooyeon


Afterschool Blue

Afterschool Blue

Afterschool Blue – Wonder Boy Music Video

credits: lovekpopsubs

Afterschool Blue Nail Art Inspired


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Afterschool Blue Nail Art



Afterschool Blue Nail Art Inspired

Afterschool Blue Nail Art Inspiredsee more here:

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