Pinterest Pick: VII

Hello Everyone!

Done editing a video tutorial on nail art and removing glitters! I’m gonna spam my blog for now about my pinterest picks for the day. We’re just two weeks aways before September arrives and the whole town would be covered with Christmas Decors. It would be exciting to wander around the malls and streets at night seeing the beautiful christmas lights and listening to christmas songs.. oops, been talking a lot about christmas, sorry! Fall and winter fashion are slowly emerging on pinterest which only means Christmas Season is almost here. Meanwhile, enjoy my pinterest pics for today! (and the kimchi I cooked)

Kimchi fried rice with egg I cooked for dinner tonight!

My dream nail art collection

I LOVE the COLOR!!  I wonder when I’d be able to sport this kind of hairstyle.. this is my dream haircolor!

getting ready for fall fashion

I want my hair to curl like this ^_^

I really need this right now. A quote for my dream

…forever and always…


have a nice day!











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