Pinterest Picks V

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while. It felt like the whole  week passed in a snap of a finger! I’ve been gone everyday the whole day not because I’m busy but because I was in the hospital for days looking after my older sister. She’s fine now. I missed surfing around the web looking for inspirations and something to cheer me up. Because of natural disasters I wasn’t able to make my appointments which made me upset. Anyways, it’s Friday! That means weekend is here again! Gotta do another nail art on my nails which I’ll show to guys later. Meanwhile, here’s a few of the awesome photos I find in Pinterest today.

The prettiest ring for today.  Reminds me of Games of Thrones series.

I wanna dye my hair like this. Lilac.

pretty colors!

The earrings rock the ring. It’s perfect for pastel colored fashion.


Random Makeup i liked! Sparkly smokey look!

Something to encourage everyone!  ^__^ Funny how I liked this pic on pinterest and at the same time listening to Jessie J’s “Who you Are” Perfect pinspiration ^_^






Jessie J – Who you are

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