Pinterest Picks: IV

Hello Everyone!

Not that much activity today, just went out to the bank earlier. We’re midway until the weeks over and shooting a bunch of new tutorials popped up in mind. I have all the nail art tools, accessories and polishes I need except for the remover so I asked my sister to buy it for me. Currently I’m in love with glitters and for days it gave me hard time taking it off on my nails. I know every nail art lover knows that the technique to get it off is through the foil method but still I’m gonna make my own version and share it too you guys.

Bought a slurpee and 2 pasta in 7/11 before heading home. So searching for food got me inspired on pinterest but unexpectedly tumbled on models. So here are a few photos I loved on Pinterest today:

The rocks made the model more sophisticated. Love it

Glitter belt and a see-through gown. great for brides ^_^

Speechles: the dress is too beautiful

I just love how the plastic forks illuminated the model.. simply gorgeous!

Bright Yellow Lip Color is fantastic.. the hairdo and that one long eyeliner.. stunning!

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