Magnetic Nail Polish

sephora magnetic polish

Hello Nail Art Lovers!

I know this has been a trend since last year following crackling nail art. Magnetic nails made its popularity all throughout the world, not just in Europe. And the crackle nail polish pave its way for this. I like the thought of “magnets” on it. When I first heard of it I was thinking, maybe the nails magnetizes but not. lols. It’s called magnetic because it is where you place a magnet (comes with the polish) just on top of your nails for a few seconds which incredibly forms lines after. Metallic or silver color is dominant in all magnetic nail polishes that is sold in different colors. In my place, the only brand selling it is Etude.

I haven’t tried this one out yet, but surely I will. Here’s a few other brands that are selling magnetic nail polish.


Etude’s Mag Play Polishes

magnetic polish

magnetic polish by deborah lippmann

magnetic nail polish

Magneto Nail polishes


Magneffect Nail Polish

Aside from buying this magnetic nail polish. You can also make one of your own. Click here.




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