Easy Accent Nails

hello everyone!

Accent nails is elegant yet simple. It is where you paint your nails with one of it stands out among the others having similar design. I have been using this type of nail art when I started to grow my nails. I got inspired by different ideas on creating accent nails on instagram. There are a lot of ways where you can accentuate your nails; glitters, colors, rhinestones, etc. These are usually placed on ring finger. I love this nail design, coz you only have to change one nails. lols. Shown below are a few ideas you might want to get started with.

accent nails

My own version. Purple polish topped with hearts and glitters.

instagram: sharmiladrews

Painting all of you nails in the same color except one.

Going for the opposite. Nail art on all nails except one with black.

Rhinestones or swarovski crystals.

Gradient style glitter nail art

Changing the base coat of your nail art.

Designs on accent nails are endless! It’s up to your imagination as long as one nail is different from the rest. ^_^

Enjoy Nail Art!




[picture credits goes to the owners. credit as tagged.]

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