My Eco 2012 Planner


Hello 2012!

Finally, started the new year with a handy eco planner I got from Starbucks.  A gift from my friend.  Do you guys have diaries? I used to have it when I was little. I remember writing every little details that happened to me every single day including the foods I ate, the people I met, and my activities for that day.  A diary won’t be a diary if you won’t write about your crush! (Am I right?) haha. Lols. I used to draw red hearts on days I get to see my ultimate crush. Unfortunately, after all the efforts I did on spending time writing on my diary, I threw it away. Reason? I dunno why, all I’m thinking was, I need to forget everything in order for me to grow up. Silly excuse to dump my diary just like that!  But I didn’t throw all my diaries away, in fact I’m still keeping the Garfield diary I had when I was in highschool which is ridiculously unreadable because of the symbols I used. I have my own symbol of the alphabets and that’s what I used in writing in my Garfield diary. If ever I wanna know what happened to me way back then on a certain date, I’d have to translate every single letter to get that word and understand the whole sentence.

Move on to my 2012 Starbucks Planner, this is the Philippine’s version of 2012 planner. Each shade is based on the types of trees (recycled) which are oak, cherries, bamboo, poplar and spruce. I got the poplar planner for myself and bamboo planner for my sister.

 Bamboo Planner

Poplar plannner with a bookmark

There must be something in for me this 2012, I got a planner, now all I have to do is jot it down and DO it.

Do you have yours?

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