Product Review: Bornprettystore [Fimo-brushes-stamp]

            I love Nail Art. I have a huge passion for it. At first I only look at Nail Art Tutorials on Youtube. Suddenly, I was inspired to make one nail art tutorial video. I always wear nail art in school and a lot of people have been asking me how did I make it. Their beautiful words inspired me to make a tutorial video and share it to everyone who loves nail art but don’t know how to make it. If you watch over my videos, you’ll see my progress in making nail art. I only have a few nail art tools so I gladly accepted the offer when bornprettystore asked me to make a review in some of their products!

These are the three products:

 1. 100 Fimo canes

2. 15 pcs. Nail Art Brushes

3. Hello Kitty Stamp


What is Bornprettystore?

         Nail Art retailer specialized in all kinds of latest nail art items and cosmetics. It’s a One stop shop for nail art lovers! They sell affordable quality products!


Please see the video for the product review ^_^


100 Nail Art Fimos

the package I received ^_^ My mom gave this to me. I used her office address as the postal address.


Fruit Designed Nail Art Fimos (Some of it has more than 3 designs in 1 fruit)

The Characters are my favorite among the designs.




This is my whole collection of Nail Art Fimo as of now. It's really hard to look for Fimos here in my place. ^_^

 Nail Art Brushes


If you have any questions, ask me on FORMSPRING.ME


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