Daily Nails ~ Blue and Black nail art Design [October 3-6, 2010]

Hello Guys!. We had our trip last 0ct. 3 and so i thought of wearing a nail art design that is somethind dark, something that’s easily spotted by far distance, and something that glitters! Even before, i already thought of doing LOVE4NAILS or Raquel’s nail art design coz they’re so unique, looks difficult to make but actually very simple. I chose her blue and black nail art design she made few months ago. The design looks difficult especially if you don’t know the technique in doing it. Just by looking at my nails, my friends would say “I can’t do that!”. Well, it’s not actually that hard, you just have to have a lot of patience in doing it.^_^

Below is the tutorial on how to get the look and trust me it’s really gorgeous!!!

This is my own version…^__^





I took this picture from one of the places we visited during our tour^^



Have a Nice Day!

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