Some Accessories I bought for only $4.44

Hello ladies!

So today, right after our exams in school I went directly to a store, Aizilyn Enterprises located in the Colon St. here in Cebu. It’s a really nice place where you can find tons of accessories! They got a huge variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and all other stuffs for ladies. They also provide super cute/kawaii school supplies. Products sold there are very cheap, even less than a dollar. The store is like one of the stores you’ll find if you go to Hongkong, where they sell all these cute, colorful and girly stuffs.  The products they’re selling are the same on those product sold at malls but it’s 5x cheaper^^.  I only spent Php 200.00 or $4.43 dollars on all items. (wow!) I just bought a few of the items I like, something that can also be worn in school that matches with my uniform.

Currency of Philippine peso to USD

200.00 PHP = 4.43656 USD
Philippines Pesos United States Dollars
1 PHP = 0.0221828 USD 1 USD = 45.0800 PHP

Here are the pics. of the products I just bought today^_^

All the things I bought!

All the things I bought!

This is my fave among the stuffs I bought. I usually love wearing blingy items.

I bought this to match with my uniform. This costs almost 1 dollar. I like the Crown earrings, so royalty.^A_^

Purple mickey shaped earrings. I bought this because I'm gonna put this on my phone! I gotta change the design.

Star diamond earrings. (it's actually fake but it does last for months)

I love charm bracelets. I got a collection with different colors. I so love the color and charms of this one.

Heart with black flower on the center. The design is pretty for casual look. This reminds me of the other heart earrings I lost, same as this one but without a flower.

Cellphone Decoration Sticker. This will be the new design I'm going to put on my cell phone! My phone's currently covered in purple rhinestones and some are coming off so I need to change it.^_^ (hopefully I'll be able to show you how I do it)

That’s all for now, I gotta get back to that store again to buy some more. I really want need more accessories^_^

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