Everyday Orange ~ My Nail Design [July 31-August 3,2010]

Hello everyone!. I would like to share what I’m wearing on my nails right now. I’m still in school so I made a design that won’t be easily notice by everyone just like the colors black or red. Whenever you paint your whole nails with dark colors and if you have a light skintone then it’ll be notice easily. I wore a simple orange french tip and added a lace sticker on top of it. I used the Face Shop’s Twinkle Orange wich has tiny silver sparkles in it. I made this in less than an hour so if you’re still in school or works in the office, this design is perfect.  As for the sticker, you can choose what design you like. Stickers don’t last on your nails that long though, no matter how many times you’ve coated it with a topcoat it’ll still come off especially if you do many things with your hands. In my case, the do last for around 2 days, but only on some of my nails, the stickers slowly come off.

Here are the materials.

materials I used



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