My new Keychain^_^ pink love!

hello everyone!

How are you doing?!

Last summer my sister went to Hong Kong and bought a lot of stuffs like watches, rings, mostly accessories.  Well, she really didn’t get me this lovely keychain (I asked this from her!).  It’s very cute, super Kawaii and plastic so it won’t break easily if it falls off.  I used this on my bag and one of my classmates saw this and said that she also has the same character but in a stuff toy form. So, I wonder what’s the name of the character, it’s really cute!^_^ (can anyone tell me?) I took a couple of pictures and edited them so you may take them out if you like but please notify me^_^

girl bunny

My friend got the white or girl bunny.

the LOVE sign

I like how the “love” word is written on their ears.  So kawaii!

bunny love

original picture

This is the unedited picture of the keychain. Pink and black.  They look like candy! i wanna eat them!.lols

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